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Packaging for Products

Packaging for products is more than meets the eye. And B Smith Packaging’s 20 years of experience combines appearance with functionality to create the perfect product packaging experience.

When a customer comes to B Smith asking for product packaging, there are several considerations which are key to remember throughout the design process. Packaging that protects products from damage is one of the main concerns but can sometimes be overshadowed by aesthetics. B Smith understands that most products have to be transported from factory to retailer to home in the same packaging. Protection from damage and durability throughout this journey is of paramount importance when designing packaging.

Product packaging should also be eye-catching so the audience sees it on the shelf and wants to pick it up. When the B Smith graphic designers are devising the promotional element of product packaging, they consider whether the audience would be attracted to the product through the colour scheme, packaging design and the type of packaging used. By always keeping the customer in mind, B Smith clients always end up with the packaging they can be proud of and that represents their brand suitably.

B Smith Packaging are one of the top packaging companies in the UK and Europe. For more information, call 01905 757124 or complete the form here.